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An SDK to connect your application with multiple banks through APIs

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Provides the necessary ingredients to harvest the open banking APIs out there. Connect to multiple banks with the effort of one.

This video showcases an Open Banking prototype app powered by the UNUapi PLUS features.
Uniform connectivity
Provides the nuts and bolts to connect to a number of banks. Transforms the ever-changing APIs of each bank to a unified and simplified protocol. One API infinite possibilities in a homogenous experience.
Bank connections on request
Connects new banks every day. We could rearrange our priorities to accommodate your plans. And you don’t need to learn new things to onboard them. Our API is built on top of the Berlin Group protocol.
AISP and PISP features
Comes pre-bundled with Consent handling, Account balances, Transactions and Payment Initiations with a plethora of supported banks and standards. More features are added constantly.
In the safety of your environment
It is a stateless API, ready to be installed on your premises next to your web and mobile banking back-ends, for your exclusive use, in compliance with your policies. We will update your SDK when needed.
Comes with documentation, sample code snippets, and exemplary use cases to start your project immediately. We are developers building for developers, we understand your issues and address your concerns.
Who needs it

Banks can improve their web and mobile apps with account aggregation from other banks. Neobanks and Fintechs can compete with traditional institutions by offering aggregation and payment initiation services through their platforms. ERPs and software providers can enhance their products, offering multibanking to corporates with no need of a TPP license.

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How the magic works

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Build your own Business Financial Manager using our advanced APIs and premium components. Enrich your web or mobile apps with APIs that “think”.

Persistence layer
Comes with a persistence layer to keep accounts, balances, transactions, rates and other useful information. It is designed to work with most relational Databases.
Authorities management
Helps you build your own BFM. It manages companies, users and accounts, it handles user roles and sets their relationship and access levels and it sets payment authorization limits per user.
Bank Account management
Handles consent management for accounts per bank. It connects banks and accounts to companies and it gets the details of banks, companies and accounts.
Multiple payment methods
Offers APIs to parse, build and validate any SWIFT MT or ISO20022 or SEPA message. These APIs will save you the burden to know the validation rules of SEPA CTs, SEPA DDs and SEPA Instant payments.
Reconcile Transactions
Helps companies avoid wasting hundreds of hours to reconcile TRXs. With an advanced transaction matching API you can build a reconciliation engine for their TRXs with accounts receivables in a fraction of the time.
Currency conversions
Displays multiple balances and transactions in a unified way. Convert amounts from different accounts and currencies, to the currency of your choice.
Who needs it

Financial Institutions, FinTechs, and Challenger banks can offer advanced Business Financial Management (BFM) products to their clients. Corporates can achieve great efficiency and control over their banking relationships without the need for a TPP license. Financial technology innovators can become digital champions with advanced APIs and attract new users.

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A free step-by-step analysis on how to add accounts aggregation to your application

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